Recession or Bust

December 29, 2009

“Taps” fills the foggy night air
From The Netherlands Carillion,
Overlooking Arlington
National Cemetery,
As Ben Bernanke tolls
the death knell
For the American economy.

“They know nothing,” shouts
The sound effect button
Pounded by Jim Cramer
on “Mad Money.” They do.
Know nothing, that is.

I hit the snooze button
Almost as often.

O, what sacrifices we make,
Neglecting the illusionary line
Between light and darkness,
Between loss and triumph.


I started this poem in the summer of 2008, just before the collapse of the US economy. Just ran across it as I was reviewing my poetry production over the past year.

Not sure it works, exactly, but in terms of subject matter and approach it foreshadowed some of the poetry I wrote this past year.

Happy New Year.