30 Poems for National Poetry Month: Day 5

April 5, 2013

5demuthHere is my Day 5 poem for National Poetry Month:


Remember that Adrienne Rich poem

About falling in love at middle age?

The one where she talks about wanting

“To know even our limits.”

And where weeks stand in for years

Of not knowing one another.

Every day I’m convinced

That you are more beautiful

In your maturity, with your inner

Core more centered, than you

Could have been in your twenties.

(I am a better man now, too.)

And the time we do have can’t be

Wasted over what might have been,

Or how little of it there is.

We have what we have,

Which is a little like saying,

“It is what it is.”

Forget Manhattan

Or Berlin–

Let’s Take Brooklyn

And begin the beguine.

–Scott Edward Anderson

One Response to “30 Poems for National Poetry Month: Day 5”

  1. kalabalu Says:

    What we lost was youth , what we discovered was you in me and me in you..time did make us better for each other, little of me in you and vice versa ..

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