30 Poems for National Poetry Month: Day 7

April 7, 2013

lucky_number_sevenHere is my poem for Day 7:


When I saw your familiar face

In the picture I painted almost 30 years ago,

I understood Frost’s delight

And “surprise of remembering

Something I didn’t know I knew.”

Had I really been searching for you

In all my days and dreams?

It was the same feeling of recognition

I had twice when we met:

For the first time in that Philly train station,

And from across the room a year later,

As I was about to go on stage in New York.

I didn’t know what it was I recognized,

Or how it would change my life.

But “something I didn’t know I knew,”

Became something I didn’t know

I needed in my life, and then

Something I couldn’t live without

In every dream, and every night, and every day.


–Scott Edward Anderson



One Response to “30 Poems for National Poetry Month: Day 7”

  1. Lee Langbaum Says:

    Lucky Sam…. And Scott!! Xoxo Sent from my iPhone

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