30 Poems for National Poetry Month: Day 16

April 16, 2013

PoetsHouseHere is my poem for Day 16:


I never met your father,

But I feel his presence

In your life, on this day

Every year since we met

At Poets House, the tenth

Anniversary of his passing.

We sat by the river,

Two good friends watching

Our kids chase each other

In the playground.

Moments of silence,

Never awkward;

A few laughs.

I don’t know what you

Were thinking then,

Except I know it meant

A lot that I wanted to be

With you on that day,

To help you through it

With poetry and laughter,

The distraction of kids

Playing and eating lunch.

A man who cared

And understood what

This day means to you.

Who cared enough

To seize the day

And pay attention

To the meaning

Of your heart.


–Scott Edward Anderson



One Response to “30 Poems for National Poetry Month: Day 16”

  1. dianestiglich Says:

    Your poem is built with such beauty. Thank you, Diane

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