My son Walker pointing out crocuses in early March 2005.

I know it’s only February 1st, but it feels like Spring here on the eastern seaboard of the US.

Who knows what will happen when Punxsutawney Phil gets a look at the grass tomorrow morning? I doubt very much he will see his shadow.

It’s 64 degrees and sunny as I write this and earlier today I saw a robin bopping along by the train station.

My friend Leigh Scott challenged me to write a poem with the title or theme, “Winter Into Spring.”

As it happens, I already have a poem by that title, which I composed back in the late 90s upon my return to this coast from a few years in Alaska.

Here is my poem,

“Winter Into Spring”


Persephone brings life to the dead

With spring’s eternal hope,

Sharing the desires of young and old,

Partners in the revival of dreams.

Now dormant seeds awaken in the ground,

Hyacinth stirs with tender shoots,

And robin heralds the lengthening days;

Now winter’s coat floods river and marsh,

As we play at Eros with silk and lace.


–Scott Edward Anderson