Years ago, I had an idea for a “Poetry Channel”: an all-poetry cable network featuring poets and celebrities reading poems, poets being interviewed, and films about poets or based on poetry.

I didn’t pursue the idea because, well, because my idea for the “Disaster Channel” got shelved and that was how I was going to back my poetry idea.

But I recently stumbled upon Mary Karr’s “Poetry Fix,” which brings to life the kind of programming I had in mind.

Here’s Mary Karr and co-host Christopher Robinson reading and talking about Robert Hass’s “Old Dominion”:

You can check out more on Mary Karr’s YouTube channel.  It’s a great series that’s just started and worth following as it develops.

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I gotta say, poet Paul Muldoon knows how to poke fun at poetic pretensions.

Last year I shared his appearance on The Colbert Report, now this interview posted on YouTube by theprincetontiger has come to my attention.  Here is Paul Muldoon on Ke$ha’s “Tik Tok”:

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